How to get the Dewy (not oily) Skin Look

  Dewy skin is looking like you get 12 hours of sleep daily, drink your weight in water and snack on kale and apples. So what does one do when you’re living your life in the fast lane?

I Tried It: Black Masks + Nose Strips

It’s addictive. When you see videos of people peeling off their black masks and the stuff coming out of their faces, you start to wonder what will, or how much will come out of your face.

How to get #EyebrowsOnFleek

Not everyone has this eyebrow thing down. Unfortunately, it’s one of those skills you’d want to be good at – I mean, a good set of eyebrows will be the crowing glory of your face.

I Tried It: Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Face

The whole time I was driving home with the set of Peter Thomas Roth’s 24K Gold beauty products, I kept wondering how much gold I could actually get if I figured out some extraction method. The process playing out...

K Beauty: J.One’s Jelly Pack is a Multi-tasking must-have

A common trend with K-beauty is that the products give hydration and a glow. One of the ways you can fight oiliness is by keeping your face very hydrated so less sebum (oil) is produced to compensate for the...

Best Formulations for Beauty Products

Beauty products are expensive and with something new on the market everyday, one can only wonder what to buy and what to leave out. Here’s the thing, if you’re like me and you like trying out new stuff, the...

My Four Summer Makeup Must-Haves

So we have just about a month left of the summer and before we sign out, I just wanted to let y’all in on these four products that helped me keep my makeup from melting.

My Day-time Routine

Because the ideal time to improve your skin’s appearance is while you’re asleep, my day-time routine is quite simple compared to my night-time routine. It’s mainly centered around keeping my skin hydrated and prepping it for make-up.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Previously, I shared a post about Five Tips to Your Best Skin and I mentioned many of my skin challenges and tips on how to overcome them. You can consider this a continuation of the post, this specific one...

Five Tips to your Best Skin

Don’t you just hate people that have beautiful, bouncy, flawless skin and when you ask what they use they say, “Nothing, just water?” Oh God I hate them. Some people really don’t have to try, but for those of...