Vanity Essentials – Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

I learned from my mother never to keep fragrances for special occasions. My mum will wear fragrance anywhere, even to bed.

Nighttime Skincare Routine ft. Alya Skin

Clay masks have been a part of my beauty routine since I was a teen dealing with hormonal acne and even as an adult, I keep a clay or charcoal mask handy to give my skin a good detox...

Hair Products I Buy Over and Over Again

I love a good hair day, but I’m never thrilled about the process of maintaining my coily hair. To make up for the little attention I give my mane, I lather it with top-shelf products.

Makeup: Glowing Without Looking Oily

When you naturally have oily skin, there’s a thin line between having glowy or dewy makeup and looking greasy.

Why I Had to Rethink (And Change) My Face Cleansing Routine

Yes, the body can adjust to a product, making it less effective.

My Sephora Birthday Wish List

I convinced my friends over the years that actually asking me what I like for my birthday is way better than making failed attempts at buying me gifts I’d probably hate. This is how I ended up collecting a...

Summer Beauty: These Products Are Giving Me the Best Hair of My (Quarantine) Life

While people have been panic buying food, I’ve been panic buying beauty essentials—hear me out. If there was anything that would have run out and needed no immediate replenishment, it would be stuff like hair shampoo and foundation (right?)....

BeautyTips: How to choose a good eyeshadow palette

There’s a new eyeshadow palette being launched every week and every influencer says you have to have it. Here’s how I know when to buy and when to pass. 

Summer Survival: My go-to products for Face, Body and Hair under $30

Texas summers are no joke. I’m talking heat in the hundreds, extreme humidity and tireless efforts to keep my makeup looking fresh. I’m constantly on the lookout for beauty products that help me get through the season and these...

2 Minute Work-Face ft. Josie Maran Argan Beta-retinoid Pink Algae Serum

My morning routine is very brief, mostly because I always wake up late (but don’t tell my boss that).